DC meets Looney Tunes TPB


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Recopila Legion of Super-Heroes / Bugs Bunny Special (2017), Lobo / Road Runner Special (2017), Martian Manhunter / Marvin the Martian Special (2017), Batman / Elmer Fudd Special (2017), Wonder Woman / Tasmanian Devil Special (2017), Jonah Hex / Yosemite Sam Special (2017)

Guion: Sam Humphries, Juan Ortiz, Bill Morrison, Steve Orlando, Frank J. Barbiere, Jim Fanning, Tom King, Antony Bedard, Jimmy Palmiotti, Bill Matheny
Dibujo: Tom Grummett, Juan Ortiz, Kelley Jones, Bill Morrison, Aaron Lopresti, John Loter, Lee Weeks, Byron Vaughns, Barry Kitson, Ben Caldwell, Mark Texeira, Dave Alvarez

When Elmer Fudd sets his sights on Bruce Wayne, it’s a «wabbit hunt» you’d never imagine! Prospector Yosemite Sam strikes it rich, but can circus performer Foghorn Leghorn and bounty hunter Jonah Hex keep him alive long enough to enjoy it?
Plus, Wonder Woman enlists the help of the Tasmanian Devil to save the Amazons; Lobo gets caught in the war between a mutated Road Runner and a wily super-genius of a coyote; and the last survivors of Mars fight over the fate of planet Earth! Finally, when the Legion of Super-Heroes needs help, a wrong turn at Albuquerque means the future’s survival depends on… «Super» Bugs Bunny!
Worlds collide, courtesy of some of comics’ greatest talents, among them Tom King, Lee Weeks, Jimmy Palmiotti, Mark Texeira, Tony Bedard, Bill Morrison, Kelley Jones, Steve Orlando, Sam Humphries and more!

Editorial: DC Comics
Tapa blanda. 17 x 26 cm. 248 páginas. Color
Idioma: Inglés