Superman / Batman: Sorcerer Kings TPB


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Recopila Superman/Batman (2003) #78-84

Guion: Cullen Bunn, Joe Kelly, Chris Roberson
Dibujo: ChrisCross, Jesús Merino, Brett Booth, Ed Benes

When Superman mysteriously vanishes from Earth, Batman must call upon some of the DCU’s top mystics such as Dr. Occult to get some answers. Meanwhile, The Man of Steel finds himself fighting side-by-side with a strange Batman against a horde of Solomon Grundies. And just what is the sun doing to his powers? Batman, Doctor Occult, Detective Chimp and Klarion the Witchboy must face a magical Armageddon in the present as Superman is taken to meet the future Justice League at the Hall of Doom! How did things go so wrong — and can anything be done to stop it?

Editorial: DC Comics
Tapa blanda. 17 x 26 cm. 160 páginas. Color
Idioma: Inglés