The Terminator. Omnibus Set 1-2 TPB


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Guion: John Arcudi, James Robinson, Ian Edginton, James Robinson, Jackson Guice, Alan Grant
Dibujo: Chris Warner, Matt Wagner, Paul Gulacy, Vince Giarrano, Guy Davis, Steve Pugh

The Terminator. Omnibus vol. 01
They came from another time to ensure that the future would belong solely to the machines. They are Terminators—indestructible killing engines hiding inside shells of flesh and blood. Tireless, fearless, merciless, unencumbered by human emotion, dedicated to the complete eradication of mankind. But despite the frailty of human flesh, nothing is as immortal as the human spirit, and even the strongest metal will bend by the will of a mother fighting for the future of her children.
Dark Horse Comics has long been regarded as the heavyweight champion of adapting film blockbusters to graphic fiction, and The Terminator is one of the finest examples of bringing top comics talents to the expansion of a premier action/adventure mythos.

The Terminator. Omnibus vol. 02
The Terminators never sleep. They don’t need food or water. The heat of the desert gives them no pause. The darkness of night does not halt their deadly gaze. Bullets won’t stop them. Their humanity cannot be appealed to-because they have none. Sent from the future, their mission is clear and unrelenting: to erase the lives of any who threaten their future dominance, any who would attempt to deny the rise of the Machine. But that which man has created, man can destroy, and so… the war for the future begins today.

Editorial: Dark Horse Comics
Tapa blanda. 15,5 x 23 cm. 352 / 376 páginas. Color
Idioma: Inglés