The Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel Now!) Set 1-4 TPB


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Pack de cuatro libros

Guion: Dan Slott, Christos N. Gage, Sean Ryan, Cale Atkinson, Jai Nitz
Dibujo: Humberto Ramos, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Adam Kubert, Olivier Coipel, Brandon Peterson, Cale Atkinson, Ron Salas, Victor Olazaba

The Amazing Spider-Man vol. 01: The Parker Luck TPB
Recopila Amazing Spider-Man (2014) #1-6
The greatest super hero of all time returns!
The world may have changed since Spidey’s been gone, but so has Peter Parker. This is a man with a second chance at life, and he’s not wasting a moment of it. But his old foes are back, as well! Re-energized, out of control and madder than ever, Electro and the Black Cat demand revenge! And as if dealing with them isn’t enough, a new revelation rocks Spider-Man’s world to its core: the radioactive spider that granted Peter his powers bit someone else, too! Who is Silk, and where has she been all these years?
Find out as Peter Parker retakes his life, putting the «friendly» back in the neighborhood, the «hero» back in «super hero» – and the «amazing» back in «Spider-Man!»

The Amazing Spider-Man vol.02: Spider-Verse Prelude TPB
Recopila Amazing Spider-Man (2014) #7-8, Superior Spider-Man (2012) #32-33 y material de Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) Free Comic Book Day
Step over the edge of Spider-Verse! In the year 2099, the Superior Spider-Man lives on – but how? Otto takes the fight to Karn, the man working his way through the multiverse leaving a trail of dead spiders in his wake, but finds himself hopelessly overpowered. Will the time-lost Superior Spidey find enough allies to make a dent in Karn’s plans? Meanwhile, the real Spider-Man teams up with the all-new Ms. Marvel in a highflying (high-stepping in Kamala’s case) adventure! Can Ms. Marvel get Spidey out of a jam? Plus: MC2’s Spider-Girl and the Spider-Man of 1602 find themselves under attack from the mysterious forces behind Spider-Verse! And who is Spider-UK
The road to Spider-Verse starts here!

The Amazing Spider-Man vol. 03: Spider-Verse TPB
Recopila Amazing Spider-Man (2014) #9-15
It’s the biggest Spider-event ever!
When the evil Inheritors begin exterminating spider-characters throughout the multiverse, every single Spider-Man ever is needed to save the day!
A spider-army gathers to fight Morlun and his deadly family, and the Superior Spider-Man intends to lead it! Our universe’s amazing Spider-Man has an issue with that, but the army doesn’t have time for this in-fighting as the Inheritors continue slaughtering Spider-totems left and right! As the first skirmishes unfold into all-out war, Miles Morales shows his stuff, Silk finds a valuable edge, and a surprising Spider-character makes the scene! When the Prophecy comes to fruition, every spider must fight – and no spider is safe! But what does the Superior Spider-Man have up his sleeve? And what will the war’s fallout mean for Peter Parker and the rest of the spiders?

The Amazing Spider-Man vol. 04: Graveyard Shift TPB
Recopila Amazing Spider-Man (2014) #16-18 y Annual (2015) #1
The cross-dimensional craziness of Spider-Verse is over, and Peter Parker has returned home, but that doesn’t mean Spider-Man is safe – not even at his own company! Parker Industries’ security systems can keep out any living thing – but what about a Ghost? That’s right, the infamous super-powered saboteur has invaded Parker Industries and is targeting its staff! But why? One thing is certain: No secret is safe from the Ghost – and no person is safe, either! A huge chapter in the Amazing Spider-Man’s history comes to a close right here, as Peter’s choices as CEO of Parker Industries come home to roost!
Plus: two special Spider-Man stories by Marvel’s newest rising stars that will have everyone talking – and a fan-favorite supporting character takes a turn in the spotlight!

Editorial: Marvel Comics
Tapa blanda. 17 x 26 cm. 152 / 120 / 168 / 104 páginas. Color
Idioma: Inglés