Thor: Hel on Earth (Epic Collection) TPB


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Recopila Thor (1962) #476-490, Thor (1962) Annual #19 y material de The Avengers (1963) Annual #23

Guion: Roy Thomas, Tom DeFalco, Glenn Greenberg, Ron Frenz
Dibujo: M. C. Wyman, Stewart Johnson, Sandu Florea, John Buscema, Jerry DeClaire, Robert Walker, Mike DeCarlo, Lou Harrison, Keith Pollard, Don Hudson, Jim Amash, Carmen Imperato, Patrick Olliffe, Romeo Tanghal

Who is Don Blake?! For years, Thor thought «Blake» was a mortal guise created by Odin – so how is he standing here, alive and well? The all-powerful Destroyer interrupts Thor’s quest for answers – but when he finally confronts Odin, he finds another Thor waiting for him! Red Norvell is back – but why? And can Odin’s shocking revelations about Blake be believed? Thor rejoins the High Evolutionary’s cosmic conflict – but when Kurse returns, manipulated by an old foe and backed by a squad of undead allies, Thor is in for a battle that might destroy New York City! Can the Hulk help Thor fight his way to Hel and back? Plus: Thor battles the Thing and War Machine! And Loki and Pluto team up to kill Thor and Hercules!
Book 22 of the Mighty Thor Epic Collection – Years Covered: 1994-1995

Editorial: Marvel Comics
Tapa blanda. 17 x 26 cm. 512 páginas. Color
Idioma: Inglés