Superman: Last son of Krypton TPB


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Recopila Action Comics (1938) #844-846, 851, 866-870, Action Comics Annual #11, Superman New Krypton Special (2008) #1

Guion: Richard Donner, Geoff Johns
Dibujo: Adam Kubert

A rocket lands in Metropolis containing a boy Superman thinks is from Krypton. Along with figuring out what that means to him, Superman must protect young Christopher Kent, who has become the most valuable child on the planet thanks to his immense power. Lex Luthor has his sights on him, assembling his own team of villains to nab Christopher. It all leads to an action-packed finale, as Superman and the new Superman Revenge Squad – Lex Luthor, Bizarro, the Parasite and Metallo – take on General Zod, Ursa and Non in a battle for Metropolis, the future of Krypton and Christopher Kent!
Plus: The «Brainiac»

Editorial: DC Comics
Tapa blanda. 17 x 26 cm. 288 páginas. Color
Idioma: Inglés