Daredevil: Matt Murdock must die (Epic Collection) TPB


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Recopila Daredevil (1964) #22-41, Daredevil Annual #1, Fantastic Four (1961) #7 y material de Not Brand Echh (1967) #4

Guion: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby
Dibujo: Gene Colan, Jack Kirby

Stan Lee and Gene Colan unleash an identity crisis as Matt Murdock juggles his triple identity as Daredevil – and his own «twin brother,» Mike Murdock! You might need your slide rule to track the trigonometry of the Man Without Fear’s mixed-up life. And as if that weren’t complex enough, Daredevil experiences a body swap with Doctor Doom in one of comics’ first crossovers!
Other highlights include guest appearances; the introduction of fan-favorite villain Leap-Frog; and the debut of the Emissaries of Evil!
Book 2 of the Daredevil Epic Collection – Years Covered: 1966-1968.

Editorial: Marvel Comics
Tapa blanda. 17 x 26 cm. 520 páginas. Color
Idioma: Inglés