Elektra by Frank Miller & Bill Sienkiewicz Omnibus HC


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Recopila Elektra: Assassin (1986) #1-8, Elektra Lives Again GN (1996), Bizarre Adventures (1981 Magazine) #28, What If (1977) #35

Guion: Frank Miller
Frank Miller, Bill Sienkiewicz

Elektra is a ninja, a martial arts master, and a highly paid assassin. Once Matt Murdock’s college girlfriend, her service as the Kingpin’s personal bodyguard put her in brutal conflict with her former lover, nearly killing Daredevil in the process.
Now, fan-favorite creator Frank Miller ushers his awesome assassin through good, evil, life, death, rebirth and more, in this definitive collection of the character’s most memorable solo adventures. First, following a fatal duel with Bullseye, Elektra is seemingly dead and buried. But her spirit cannot rest. Elektra claws her way back from beyond the grave, in perhaps her defining story!
Then, in a tautly crafted tale of espionage and deception, Elektra must unravel a supernatural conspiracy that threatens the Presidency!

Editorial: Marvel Comics
Tapa dura con sobrecubierta. 18 x 27 cm. 696 páginas. Color
Idioma: Inglés