Flash Gordon: The Storm Queen of Valkir HC


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Recopila Flash Gordon: Sundays 1944-1948. The Storm Queen of Valkir

Guion: Don Moore
Dibujo: Austin Briggs

Featuring four years worth of non-stop exhilarating, science fiction action-adventure as Flash battles a rogue’s gallery of villainy to protect the innocent, the wronged and a bevy of beautiful women from the likes of Kang The Cruel, Queen Valker the Violent, giant birds, lizards, sea-beasts and rock men, as well as wolfmen and gas spiders! For Flash Gordon, the king of the cliff-hanger every Sunday is a day of action!

Editorial: Titan Books
Formato: Tapa dura. 28,7 x 26,2 cm. 224 páginas. Color
Idioma: Inglés