Jean Grey by Dennis Hopeless SET 1-2 TPB


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Pack de dos libros, historia completa

Guion: Dennis Hopeless
Dibujo: Victor Ibañez, Alberto Alburquerque

Jean Grey vol. 01: Nightmare Fuel TPB
Recopila Jean Grey (2017) #1-6
When the teenage Marvel Girl traveled through time and arrived in the present, she learned the terrible fate that befell her adult counterpart. Possessed by a cosmic entity called the Phoenix, that Jean Grey was trapped in an endless cycle of life and death. Now, determined to escape that future, young Jean sets out to write her own destiny. But when she has a premonition that the Phoenix is coming for her, she’ll have to fight tooth and nail not to become its next victim!
Jean enlists the help of some of its previous hosts – but will the ultimate brain trust of Rachel Grey, Quentin Quire, Hope Summers, and Peter and Illyana Rasputin have the answers she’s searching for? Or will Jean have to cast her net wider across the Marvel Universe – to include Namor, Odinson, Psylocke and Doctor Strange?

Jean Grey vol. 02: Final Fight TPB
Recopila Jean Grey (2017) #7-11
One, two, three, four, we declare a Psych War!
The Phoenix Force is coming, and death and destruction follow in its wake! Jean has sought advice from across the Marvel Universe – including Namor, Thor and Psylocke – and now her quest continues with the Scarlet Witch…and Emma Frost?!
The White Queen may be Jean’s only hope: a former Phoenix host who can prepare her and train her telepathic powers. But what price is the young X-Man willing to pay, and can Emma ever truly be trusted? As the arrival of the cosmic force of nature draws near, Jean calls in some backup: Quentin Quire, Hope Summers, Rachel Grey and the Cuckoos! But destiny decrees that everything will come down to this: Jean Grey vs. the Phoenix!

Editorial: Marvel Comics
Tapa blanda. 17 x 26 cm. 136 páginas c/u. Color
Idioma: Inglés