Thunderbolts Classic SET 1-3 TPB


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Pack de tres libros, historia completa

Guion: Kurt Busiek, Roger Stern, John Ostrander, Peter David, Karl Kesel, Barbara Kesel
Dibujo: Mark Bagley, Vince Russell, Jeff Johnson, Pascual Ferry, George Perez, Al Milgrom, Scott Hanna, Jon Holdredge, Greg Adams, Al Vey, Bob Wiacek

Thunderbolts Classic vol. 01
Recopila Thunderbolts (1997) #1-5, -1 y Annual ’97, Incredible Hulk (1962) #449, Spider-Man Team-Up (1995) #7 y material de Tales of the Marvel Universe (1997) #1
Justice, like lightning!
When the Avengers and Fantastic Four disappear, believed dead in the wake of the Onslaught event, a new team of heroes rises to take their place! Meet the Thunderbolts: Citizen V! Techno! MACH-1! Songbird! Meteorite! Atlas! But these bold new heroes hide a sinister secret…every last one of them is a villain in disguise. And their leader is none other than the ruthless Baron Zemo!
What are these masters of evil really up to? What happens when some of them begin to doubt their plan? And when the T-Bolts take on a new member, the enthusiastic Jolt, how long can they keep their secret hidden?

Thunderbolts Classic vol. 02
Recopila Thunderbolts (1997) #6-14 y Heroes for Hire (1997) #7
The Thunderbolts’ true identities as the villainous Masters of Evil have been revealed to the world!
Leader Baron Zemo’s plans for global domination have been put into effect! The world’s greatest super heroes have fallen under Zemo’s mental control – including the Avengers, Fantastic Four and more! Who can stop Zemo’s mad plans from escalating before it’s too late? Only the Thunderbolts! Their time in the heroic limelight has changed some of them for the better, and they’re not ready to give up these new lives just yet. But are these former villains willing to complete their redemption and fully side with the angels? Or will hard decisions and deadly consequences split the team right down the middle?

Thunderbolts Classic vol. 03
Recopila Thunderbolts (1997) #15-22 y #0, Captain America (1998) Annual 1998 y Avengers (1997) #12
The Thunderbolts return to Earth after an interdimensional journey to Kosmos, but there’s no rest for the weary as they find themselves pursued by S.H.I.E.L.D. – as well as a recovering Baron Zemo who’s out for their blood! Has this team of villains posing as heroes truly reformed? And even so, will anyone believe them? One person might – a surprising figure from the ranks of the mighty Avengers, who briefly went down a villainous road himself many years before: The Avenging Archer, Hawkeye! He could offer the T-Bolts redemption, but at what price?
Plus: Atlas must face the mighty Hercules, who seeks revenge for injuries suffered in years past!

Editorial: Marvel Comics
Tapa blanda. 17 x 26 cm. 296 / 256 / 288 páginas. Color
Idioma: Inglés